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Petition to the Barcelona government:-

“Allow CatBar to move its licence, to another building”.

CatBar Barcelona’s oldest vegan Bar/Restaurant is being evicted.

The new owner of the buiding does not want a bar in his building.

Barcelona licencing laws do not permit movement of Bar licences,
making the licence holders hostages of the building owner.

The CatBar will have a worthless piece of Paper,
the “Bar Restaurant C3” licence,  
It cost the CatBar’s owner his 30 year life savings/retirement fund

To buy a licence in an equiviant location will cost another 30 year life savings/retirement fund,
unfortunatly the owner only had 1 life savings to invest.

The previous owner claimed verbally, that there would be no problem extending the contract, if there were no complaints and the rent was paid.

“SAVE CatBar, allow it to transfer its licence to another building”

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